• How to Find Love in Canada

    November 2, 2018 amr1001 0 comments

    Finding love in Canada feels more impossible with every passing day. All you want is a genie who will pop out of a magic lamp and assure you that the next person you see will be the one that you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with…or perhaps a billboard with your true love’s name written on it. If you’re hoping to find love and beginning to wonder if it will ever happen for you, however, all hope is not lost! There are a number of ways to go about seeking that special canadain someone who will make all your days a little bit more worth living.


    Today’s modern technological era has, in fact, created many possibilities that make finding love easier than ever before. Here, we’ve collected some of the best of those methods to provide you with the opportunity to find love. You may not ever have considered some of these methods. Others, you’ve considered and discarded without really thinking about it. Now, it’s time to take the methods that will work best for you and discard the ones that won’t as you take your quest to find love to the next level.


    Friends and Family and Connections

    There’s nothing more frustrating than that aunt who is constantly trying to set you up with “someone she knows from work.” All you hear about is how he’s “such a nice boy” or she’s “such a sweet girl.” Unfortunately, your aunt’s taste isn’t the best, and frankly, you’re not sure she has any idea of what you’d really like in a date. Here’s the good news: chances are excellent that there’s someone in your family or on your Facebook friends list who will know someone that you actually would be interested in dating.


    Make your own connections. Have you seen someone commenting on a lot of your cousin’s posts that you’d absolutely love to meet in person? Instead of cowering behind your keyboard and flirting only when your cousin posts an update about her latest shopping spree or a selfie with her lunch, take the initiative and reach out! Send a private message with an invitation to get to know each other better or an opportunity for an in-person meetup. You might discover that you haven’t found your soul mate after all, but even if you aren’t riding off into the sunset for your happily ever after, you might just make a good friend.


    Let your nearest and dearest know that you’re looking. You don’t have to spread the word to every family member around the table over the holidays, but you can let the people who know you best in on your desire to find love. Send them searching. The people who really know and love you will have a better idea of what you’re really looking for in that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that means that from the moment you consider their candidates, you’ve already got an advantage. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever strike out, but it does mean that you’ll be more likely to at least like the person they’ve recommended.


    Don’t be afraid of being set up. For many singles, the idea of being set up on a blind date is utterly terrifying. What if you don’t like the person? What if you have absolutely nothing in common? Worse: what if they show up for the date and both of you are absolutely miserable the entire time? Here’s the good news: one date doesn’t have to make or break your entire dating future. If you have a good time, but decide that you’re not compatible, you can part as friends with no hard feelings. If you have a great time, you might attempt a second date. And if you have a truly lousy time, then you’ll have a story to tell the next time you sit down for that awkward blind date experience that will help get things off to a better start.


    Check Out Dating Websites

    In today’s modern era, dating websites are almost a cliche. It’s the recommendation you hear every time you mention that you’re ready to start looking for love. There’s just one problem: diving in sounds not only intimidating, but even downright terrifying. How on earth are you supposed to discover whether or not you’re compatible with someone through the internet? Worse, what if the person you’re matched with is just some creepy stalker who has lied to get their profile in your results to begin with?


    eHarmony is based around a psychological profile that aims to match site users with people who will be genuinely compatible with them based on several psychological factors. In order to get started on eHarmony, you’ll fill out a detailed profile and answer a number of questions about yourself, your habits, and your interests. When you’re matched with potential dates, you can rest assured that there’s already a certain level of compatibility between you–a real relief for someone who feels as though they’ve already wasted too much time with people they’ll never want to speak to again.


    Match encourages its users to spice it up a bit more than eHarmony. While it still asks plenty of questions about interests, habits, and behaviors, Match is also about connecting with people that you might not have considered before. After all, your “type” isn’t working for you. Why not branch out and have a little more fun? On the Match website, you’re encouraged to interact with many different users, improving your odds of being noticed by someone else and keeping your profile very active. Much of the Match scene is about getting to know people before diving into a deeper relationship.


    Personal Introductions: The Online Version

    When you’re ready to find your perfect match, you don’t want to have to wade through dozens of potential candidates in the hopes that someday, you’ll be able to find “the one.” Instead, make it a little more personal. Get involved with a site that will help you find the perfect date. For example:


    EHarmony Plus gives you the full eHarmony package, but with the added benefit of allowing you to interact with your Matchmaker. That means that you can give them examples of exactly what turned you off or what’s working for you. There’s no need to reject profile after profile for something that your Matchmaker can knock off for you with a few clicks, but that’s something that it’s not always possible to do when you’re filling out your initial profile. This package offers you the opportunity to streamline your dating process–a crucial part of making it to your ideal match faster.


    WingWomen is designed for men who are terrified by the potential that they’ll walk up to a woman looking for an introduction, only to discover that she’s totally out of their league. WingWomen takes all the awkwardness out of the introduction process. The wingwoman breaks the ice, gets the conversational ball rolling, and then leaves the two hopefully compatible individuals to talk to one another and get to know each other better–a win for everyone.


    The Social (Media) Scene

    Let’s face it: you meet more people through social media these days than you do in person. Why not take advantage of those virtual connections to meet the man or woman of your dreams? Your social media accounts could be the key to locating that special someone once and for all.


    Facebook offers a multitude of chances to meet new people. Join local groups and get active! Post regularly, especially if you can find opportunities to carry on conversations with people within the group. There might even be a singles group for your area that will give you the opportunity to join the group with your purpose–meeting someone you can be with for a lifetime–right out there for the world to see. Just remember that you shouldn’t exchange private information with anyone you meet online until you’re sure that they can be trusted, generally after at least one in-person meeting.


    Hobby and interest groups connect you with people that you already know you have something in common with. It’s a definite win for anyone who has ever sat through an awkward first date with absolutely no idea of how to carry on a conversation. Join forums and chat away! It’s even better if you can join local groups, especially those that have periodic real-world events and meet-ups. Where better to make contact with that special someone for the first time?


    LinkedIn might not seem like the best place to meet the person you’re dreaming about, but you might be surprised! Seek out people who have similar interests and goals to yours and make connections. You might be amazed by the intensity and depth that can grow in relationships with common goals and focal points.


    Dating Events

    “Wait a minute!” you’re thinking. “I’m desperate, but I don’t want to share the fact that I’m desperate with the world!” Actually, dating events aren’t just for the desperate. They’re for anyone who is hoping to meet new people. Are you going to walk away hand in hand with your soul mate? Only if you get truly lucky, karma is working in your favor, or God sends an angel with banners and trumpets to let you know on the spot that you’re dealing with your happily ever after. On the other hand, these events are a great place to meet new people, learn new things, and generally have a lot of fun.


    Speed dating gives you the opportunity to meet new people on the fly. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with each one, but you do have the chance to go through several potential dates in a hurry–with none of the stress of knowing that you’re going to be stuck with them for hours if it isn’t going right. Speed dating may be difficult for individuals who are socially inept or awkward, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t find someone they want to spend more time with before the evening is over!


    Singles meetups are designed to allow singles the opportunity to come together and get to know each other. Sure, it might sound awkward. You might feel like you’re shouting out to the world just how lonely you are. Here’s the thing: where else are you going to have the opportunity to meet a room full of people who are just as hopeful for love as you are? If you’re feeling truly awkward, bring a friend along. You never know: that person standing across the room, looking just as nervous as you are, could be the one for you.


    Singles bars are designed for, you guessed it, singles! It’s a great chance to come together and mingle with other people who are looking for love. You can always grab an extra drink if it goes downhill too fast, right?


    Looking for love may have felt like a nightmare for all too long, but don’t worry! There are plenty of chances to meet that person who is right for you. Choose from our extensive list or look for your own opportunities to fall in love in Canada. Your happy ending could be right around the corner!