• 10 Tips for a first date in Vancouver

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    Vancouver is a beautiful city that you can explore together with your date even though you are both born there. You can never say you know a city, there’s always something new to discover. Here are our tips for a perfect first date in Vancouver. Go on a hike to the Garibaldi Lake Whenever you’re ready to drop the classic dinner and a movie date, take your partner on a hike. It would be so roma
  • Best restaurants in Edmonton for a perfect first date

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    First dates are usually emotional encounters, with singles both nervous and excited to see if the other person is what they expected them to be. When going on a first date, everyone wishes to be perfect, so they plan ahead, spend hours in front of the mirror and choosing an outfit, or run dialogues in their head, imagining what their first conversation would be like. All these can make you quite n
  • Best places for a first date in Calgary

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    Calgary is a beautiful city in Alberta, Canada, with a lot of restaurants and attractive places, but how do you choose where to take your date for the first time? The answer depends on who you are going out with and what your preferences are. Still, we can give you suggestions of great places for a first date in Calgary. Restaurants Whatever your choice is, you must eat at some point. You could en
  • 5 Ideas for a Best First Date in Ottawa

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    Planning a first date in Ottawa can be really delightful. A great idea is to take your loved one to a restaurant. The environment is peaceful as there is no loud music that can interfere in your conversation. Just remember to propose it before actually meeting, so you can both enjoy a lovely meal. If you are not sure which is the best place, choose one from the following. Black Cat Bistro is lo
  • 5 Tips for a Perfect First Date

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    It is said that you have to kiss many frogs until meeting your prince or queen. This is valid even for online dating. After months of talking to new people you have finally managed to find the one thatbrings joy and calmness to your life. It is hard to discoverthe Canadian love, but not impossible. After many hours spent in front of the computer, chatting about all sorts of topics, it is time for
  • 6 Ideas for the Best First Date in Toronto

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    Now that you know what to do at a first date, it is time to find a location. A great idea is a bar. It gets you close, but not very intimate. You can talk freely without the pressure of not knowing where to go and what to do next. If you live in Toronto, check out the following locations for a perfect first date. Bar Chef – 475 Queen Street W, 868-4800 This bar is not too sophisticated so i