• Top 10 Ways to find love in Canada

    November 30, 2018 amr1001 0 comments

    Canada, oh Canada! Could you be any lovelier? There is so much to Canada’s allure. It isn’t any wonder why tourists, locals and routine visitors of family and friends trek from all over the world to visit this beautiful land. That especially includes those looking for love. Love. It’s in the air, in Canada, and we’re going to show you exactly what we mean.

    If you have ever wondered how to find love in Canada, thank yourself. This quest is a beautiful journey to explore. How to find love doesn’t require extra-credit homework efforts. All it takes is a little insight, exposure and willingness to get-to-know.


    Finding love in all the right places is as creative as the colors of Canada’s fall foliage. The trends that come and go strive to offer fabulous ways to find lasting love. But, sometimes following tried-and-true methods have a magical way of working very well. We’re talking about traditional perspectives. We’re talking about learning from experience. We’re talking about couples who have been together through the tests of time, come what may.

    Having conversations with couples, parents and grandparents who have been together more than three or four decades hold impressive keys to love’s purpose, longevity and design. Many times they will offer how traditional values play such important roles. Traditional, meaning moral values, honor and respect could be the top three to command.


    Finding love in the hearts of others and within ourselves requires self-awareness and a desire to learn. When entering any dating or love-finding scenario, being clear about what makes you tick and what makes you feel the love within your own heart are wonderful guides to finding the right person.

    Ask yourself these questions for a better understanding of your own perspective. This, in turn, will help you understand where others are coming from.

    1. What do you want?
    2. Does commitment to one person make you feel empowered or safer?
    3. Are you completely clear about the investment a commitment requires?
    4. Do you have concerns about your or your partner’s expectations, roles or history?
    5. Can you offer empathy, compassion and presence?


    In line with old-fashioned values, knowing and remembering how important the little things are is much bigger than supposed. The good news is little things don’t cost one red cent. Here are a few ideas to let a prospective love interest know their heart matters:

    1. Open doors for ladies.
    2. Gently hold hands without expectation of anything in return.
    3. Be mindful of what is appropriate. If you aren’t sure, wait until you are sure.
    4. Focus on the other person’s interests.
    5. Remember that these qualities and offerings should last. Don’t use as bait.


    Love is innate and has a natural rhythm that will slowly expose itself in its own way. That said, love comes in many layers. One person’s heart may not have had the privilege of sharing certain degrees of love as another’s may have.

    Being in a loving relationship always requires patience and growth for it to succeed. It is very attractive to be able to trust another with your heart. Find a comfortable place to talk about things that matter to each heart. Invest in concerns or perspectives. Supporting healthy efforts, changes or adjustments sets the stage for trust and intimate development.

    Finding love in Canada begins with heart and soul. Do something different to let your love show. If you prefer watching television on the couch and snuggling, instead take a walk at a nearby park. Always strive to keep complacency at bay. Experiencing new things together opens the heart up in surprising ways!


    Dating sites can be very helpful for finding love. Whether simple companionship or full-blown, feel the fireworks love search is in the works, dating sites can help weed out unwanted pursuits.

    In today’s cyber-world of all-things-possible, dating sites have more to offer than ever. Need a dating site for 40 year old’s? How about finding love for widows and widowers? Dating sites for the LGBT community, single moms and dads, and people of certain faiths are also available. Using reputable dating sites can sincerely simplify the quest of finding love’s journey.


    Speaking of traditional pursuits, being introduced to potential love partnerships can begin right in your own backyard. Friends, family members and other acquaintances have played matchmaker for eons. A great reason this strategy works is because there is a higher element of trust with people we already know.

    If arranged marriages aren’t your thing, check out your television stations. Television has brought the concept of pseudo-arranged methodology back into the 21st century by introducing strangers in hopes of a love connection. The Canadian reality television program, First Dates, is a colorful and adventurous way to find love in Canada.


    There are a plethora of dating events and dating event companies in Canada’s love hold. If meeting a variety of potential suitors in a short amount of time sounds better than hoping for the best in bars or lounges, try out dating event companies that provide such benefits. They work similarly to dating websites, but offer bring a different twist to the table by using events to enhance the introductory process.


    Mixers are get-together’s designed to reach any dating level out there. From Christmas parties for neighborhood singles to church pot-luck dinners and volunteer opportunities to community socials, music venue gatherings and fundraisers. The good part is you can either attend community-based mixers or create mixers of your own with like-minded love seekers like you.

    The whole point of a mixer is exposure, fellowship and involvement. Pick one, two or all three of these purposes and it’s a win-win for meeting new people. Great mixer venues range from A to Z. Horseback riding trail rides, bungee jumping teams, coffee shop morning meet-ups, museums and other creative locales are perfect for setting the stage for successful mixer opportunities.


    Have you ever heard folks make jokes about meeting their love in the produce section of a grocery store? Don’t laugh until you’ve tried it! Meeting people in areas you are attracted to is a creative way to meet someone with whom you both have something in common. Bars aren’t the only place to meet like-minded people. Any social arena can work. Vineyards, ice skating rinks, aquariums, libraries, fine arts theaters and museums are all great themed locations to either meet or take interested love interests.


    Sometimes finding love finds its way without much effort at all. Some might call this fate. There are times it is simply fine to just not work so hard at it. These times are often some of the best ways to send out signals that speak calm, cool and collected to those around you. There is nothing nicer than accidentally meeting someone because you were just being you. Leaving worry, desperation and whatever biological or personal ticking time clock at home is like attracting bee to the honey, naturally.

    How to find love may seem like a daunting quest. But, it doesn’t have to be socially awkward or unnerving. There are so many ways to soften the experience safely. There is someone out there waiting just for you. If the old ways of searching for love haven’t worked out give yourself permission to try newer, kinder avenues. You just might be glad you did!