• 10 Tips for a first date in Vancouver

    June 27, 2017 suk100 0 comments

    Vancouver is a beautiful city that you can explore together with your date even though you are both born there. You can never say you know a city, there’s always something new to discover. Here are our tips for a perfect first date in Vancouver.
    Go on a hike to the Garibaldi Lake
    Whenever you’re ready to drop the classic dinner and a movie date, take your partner on a hike. It would be so romantic to have your first kiss in front of a breathtaking view. The Garibaldi trail is not difficult even for the unfit.
    Watch a movie in the Stanley Park
    Every summer, movies run in the Stanley Park on a regular basis. What better reason to hug than the chilly evenings you watch a horror or romantic movie outdoors? Make sure to check the schedule in advance.
    Food tasting in the Richmond night market
    Is your date keen on food tasting? Then, don’t wait any longer to take her to the Richmond market at night. Make things a bit more interesting by sharing a candied strawberry stick.
    How about salsa dancing?
    Do you think you can move your body to Latino rhythms? Then it’s time to have a lot of fun at the Salsa dance summer series that take place every Sunday on Robson Square.
    Go to the Vancouver Aquarium
    Does it rain outside but you don’t want to reschedule? Go to the Aquarium in Stanley Park. Considering it’s open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this idea is good to replace a lunch date. One ticket costs about $31 for adults.
    Try the Top of Vancouver restaurant
    If you want to combine a stunning view of the city with delicious food, you are safe choosing the Top of Vancouver Revolving restaurant. However, nobody said it’s going to be cheap.
    Dine in the dark
    While it sounds weird, it can be an interesting experience. There’s a place on West 4th Avenue named the Dark Table. You will be dining like a person who doesn’t have a sense of sight. You have to admit it’s a different culinary journey.
    Go scuba diving
    The waters around Vancouver are filled with amazing wildlife that’s waiting for you to explore it. If you don’t mind the chilly water (you’ll be wearing a special suit though), it can be a unique dating experience to see the stunning aquatic life of BC.
    You could start with Whytecliff Park because it’s a perfect spot for beginners, even those who have never performed a dive.
    Go to the top of Grouse Mountain
    The Grouse Mountain is a popular attraction around Vancouver. At the top, you will be able to ice skate and enjoy a dinner. If your date takes place around the winter holidays, you’ll enjoy a North Pole with a Gingerbread village set-up.
    Go to the Craft Beer Market
    Some people find beer very interesting. The Craft Beer Market is a pub-style restaurant with a wide range of local drafts. It also has delicious food to enjoy with the beer.