• 5 Ideas for a Best First Date in Ottawa

    May 19, 2014 amr1001 0 comments

    Planning a first date in Ottawa can be really delightful. A great idea is to take your loved one to a restaurant. The environment is peaceful as there is no loud music that can interfere in your conversation. Just remember to propose it before actually meeting, so you can both enjoy a lovely meal. If you are not sure which is the best place, choose one from the following.

    Black Cat Bistro is located on 428 Preston Street. Here you will find a modern French atmosphere, perfect for discovering more things about each other. The food is definitely something different so your date will appreciate the initiative.

    Navarra Restaurant can be found at 93 Murray Street. It is an optimum choice if you plan to impress your date. The chef, Rodriguez, is a former competitor at Top Chef Canada. Make it a priority if you are fans of such shows.

    Town is located on 296 Elgin Street. It provides an Italian environment with delicious food. Just remember, no matter how much you love pasta, it is not a good choice for a first date.

    Fraser Café
    represents the best choice if you want to keep thing simple. It can be found on 7 Springfield Road and provides a seasonal and local environment. The food is fresh and delicious so you can go there regardless the hour of the day.

    El Camino is the place for a first date that will definitely be remembered. Here you will find tacos, tequila and a raw bar. You will have plenty of fun trying new food and lots of topics to discuss about.

    It is important to understand that besides the location, charisma is mandatory for a successful first date. Be confident in your decision and use all the time to get to know each other better.