• #1 www.kelleher-international.com/vancouver.html

    The business has been around since 1986 even though it didn’t always market its services over the internet. Jill Kelleher was founder of Kelleher International, a company that wins awards related to the dating industry every year. As a result, we offered it a well deserved first place.
    The firm was featured by mainstream media outlets such as NBC, Today, and CBS Radio. They offer services in many US locations but also in Vancouver. They even have a team in London.
    They take pride in the high level of confidentiality Kelleher International ensures for clients. This is particularly important for celebrities who seek matchmaking services.
    The first step you have to take in order to sign up is filling in a form. You are asked to provide your full name, email address, phone number, postal code, annual income, age, gender, weight, and height. You also have to upload a recent picture of yourself. After that, you will be called for an interview.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #2 www.executivesearchdating.com

    This is one of the top matchmakers in Vancouver and they offer a relationship guarantee, meaning that one of their suggestions is bound to translate in a relationship. The service of ExecutiveSearchDating is safer and more effective than traditional online dating sites and apps.
    You get a free consultation if you sign up with your first name, phone number and email address. It takes less than a minute. The meeting lasts for 45 minutes. You can speak about yourself and about what you seek in a partner.
    If you decide this is the way you want to go, the matchmakers will proceed to find a few suitable matches. Typically, in less than 24 hours, you will get your first match. If you like that member’s profile, they will set up the date so that you don’t’ worry about it.
    The next day, you will call the agency to provide feedback in order to fine tune your matching criteria.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #3 www.itsjustlunchvancouver.com/

    This company that we ranked third won the Consumer Choice Award in 2016 mainly for its personalized hand-picked matches and the vast experience matchmakers gained after 10 years in this business. The company was founded in 2006 in Vancouver and it still focuses on this metro area.
    They guarantee you will go out on dates with the people they choose for you. At the same time, you will enjoy a high level of privacy. The first step is to set up an interview where you tell them what you seek in a partner.
    A great perk is that the company will arrange the dates for you at one of their partner restaurants. After the date, you will give your overall impression so that matchmakers know what to avoid next time.
    One possible disadvantage is that It’s Just Lunch does not perform background checks on their members. Also, just like many other matchmakers, they don’t display any prices on the website.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #4 www.bcmatchmakers.ca/

    BCMatchmakers is accredited by the Vancouver BBB. They only match you with people from Vancouver and the surrounding areas because they believe in face-to-face experiences as opposed to long-distance relationships.
    Applicants are screened based on an in-person interview in order to identify those who just pretend to be single.
    After you obtain membership, you will go through a personal compatibility assessment test that’s meant to match you with compatible singles. Their purpose is to identify your core values and attitudes in order to provide accurate matches.
    There will be no communication between you and your match prior to meeting in person. This includes emails, phone conversations and chatting because you won’t be given any contact details beforehand. Also, it’s obvious that a date is set up only if both parties agree.
    If you want to learn about a few success stories, you can read the testimonials on their website with the mention that the names are changed and stock photos were used to protect the identity of clients.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #5 www.matchmakerforhire.com/

    One of the top matchmakers in Canada, MatchmakersForHire was founded in 2002 by Jane Carstens in Vancouver but they have expanded the area of service. About 80% of the first dates set up by this agency result in 2nd dates. You have to admit you would never get such a high rate on your own.
    Local and national mainstream media outlets mentioned the company in a positive way: Global TV, CTV, Elle Canada Magazine and many others.
    They also have a quite heavy presence on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is a good way to learn what others are saying about the agency.
    In spite of this media coverage, most new clients come to the agency via a referral, which means that people are so pleased with the service that they encourage others to sign up without getting any benefits in exchange.
    If you become a VIP member, they’ll look for matches outside of their current database. The process is unclear, which is why you are invited to contact Jane Carstens.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #6 juliamatchmaking.com/

    This company is the 6th on our list. They have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and guarantee you will go out on dates that result in relationships.
    Apart from personalized matchmaking services, you will also get the chance to go on singles events they organize in Vancouver. You will find an event every month and you have to contact Julia in order to register. You can’t just show up at the designated location.
    Most events take place in a coffee shop, a tea house or a pub but occasionally, they also organize meetups at a theme park, a carnival whenever one is in town and at cultural places like museums and art exhibitions. There also are dance nights for people with 2 left feet.
    No pricing plans are available online, so you will have to go through the trouble of making a call if you want to know their offers.

    Personalized service ( )

  • #8 www.modernpursuitmatchmaking.com/

    Mainly focused on Vancouver, this company combines matchmaking with coaching in order to truly reap the benefits of the dates you’re getting. You have the option of declining a match based on his/her profile that includes a photo and a few personal preferences.
    There is no algorithm that matches you with others. It’s all based on the 10+ years of experience the matchmaker uses to come up with the most suitable suggestions. That being said, you don’t have access to the member database because this is not a dating website.
    You do get a free consultation prior to signing up. The agency will take care of everything related to setting up the date and you will also have a pre-date coaching session where you will learn how to improve your game.
    There’s also a post-date consultation where you provide feedback in order to refine the matching criteria upon which the specialist will make new partner suggestions.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #9 www.divinematchmaking.com/

    Established in 2006, DivineMatchmaking is a top Canadian company in this business. You will enjoy confidentiality and safety because all clients are screened carefully before being granted membership.
    The matchmakers will hand pick a member they think is in line with your interests. Assuming you are interested in that member enough to go out on a date, approval will be requested. Once you receive a positive response from that member, the agency will set everything up.
    This hands-on approach has been praised by many of their former clients. In case you didn’t enjoy the date, you have the chance to provide feedback to the matchmakers in order to fine tune your matching criteria.
    Moreover, they will notify your date about your lack of interest in a polite manner. So, there’s no need to wait by the phone wondering whether the other person wants to take you out on a second date.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #10 www.ijlelite.ca/

    The last on our list is this is the private network of It’s Just Lunch. The so called “elite” are welcome to join and they will be matched with other elite members. You can join the private membership database for free to be considered for matchmaking.
    For that, you have to fill out a confidential online sign up form and upload a couple of recent photos of yourself. If you pass the screening process, you will be considered as a possible match for their clients.
    On the other hand, if you want to become an Elite client, you will have to pay a fee. They currently offer a 6-month package but the price is not displayed online, so you’ll have to contact them personally if you want to become a member.
    Now, even though you can’t afford their matchmaking services, you could still take a look at their dating tips. If you like what you find, you might decide to save money for the opportunity of finding the love of your life.

    Personalized service ( Yes)