This website contains several lists of dating online opportunities for singles living in Vancouver, Canada. Not only that you will find here the most reliable online dating websites, but you will also learn about reputed matchmakers and fun singles events organizers.
We covered a wide range of dating websites, from the ones that target a wide audience of sites dedicated to specific demographics like Asians and Christians.
These lists contain both free and paid websites. It is impossible to recommend only free websites because there aren’t many good ones out there. After all, you get what you pay for. We assessed value for money and chose the ones that offer an above average experience at an affordable price.
The ones that offer free communication between members manage to not charge you a dime by displaying ads and by offering pro versions for extra features.
This is different from restricting a normal user experience as many sites do by charging money for the ability to communicate with other members.
We thrived to be objective in our assessment but you should note that our reviews are not exhaustive. We took a look at what their clients are saying and what features you get.
With matchmakers however, the prices are in the thousands of dollars for a full year membership mainly because of the personalized service you get. You are paying for the privilege of being a member and getting matches, but also for the time and expertise of the matchmaker.