• 6 Ideas for the Best First Date in Toronto

    May 19, 2014 amr1001 0 comments

    Now that you know what to do at a first date, it is time to find a location. A great idea is a bar. It gets you close, but not very intimate. You can talk freely without the pressure of not knowing where to go and what to do next. If you live in Toronto, check out the following locations for a perfect first date.

    Bar Chef – 475 Queen Street W, 868-4800
    This bar is not too sophisticated so it is a great opportunity to bond. The mood is relaxed and the staff friendly. You can enjoy a great cocktail while finding out more things about eachother.

    The Piston – 937 Bloor Street, 532-3989
    The Piston is perfect for a first date in a working day. It is not recommended for the weekend as it tends to become really crowded, and it will be hard to hear each other.

    The Queen and Beaver Public House – 35 Elm Street, 347-2712
    If you plan to drink and also eat something, then the Queen and Beaver is an option worthy to consider. The rich menu will definitely make a good first impression.

    Snack Bar, 181 Bathurst Street, 364-9320
    This is another great place to have a first date. You can include a delicious snack while drinking hot coco or cold lemonade.

    Bar Volo – 587 Yonge Street, 928-0008
    Bar Volo is a great choice for a romantic first date. You will find dim lighting and a cozy environment. It’s the right place to receive a first kiss. The food is also delicious so you can share something together.

    Snakes and Lattes, 600 Bloor Street W, 342-9229
    Snakes and Lattes is a perfect place for people that like spending time in a relaxed environment. You can enjoy a delicious coffee and find out more about each other. The overall atmosphere is casual, so there is no need to worry that you will feel uncomfortable.

    If you plan to take your Toronto love to a bar remember to make a reservation to avoid entering a crowded place with no more free seats. Check out the phone number asplanning is mandatory for best results.