#1 eHarmony.ca

Eharmony Canada

The dating site that started them all is eHarmony. All other dating sites in Edmonton can likely trace their history back to this powerful dating website. eHarmony has a long history of being successful in finding matches between its users. These matches have often led to marriages and happy couples. Because of its long use, eHarmony has become one of the most trusted dating websites on the internet. It also comes packed full of tips and tutorials to make sure that your profile is attracting attention from those you want to attract.

This site also has a large user base from ages of 18 to 65. It also is aware that relationships mean different things to different people. As such, it allows you to filter based on what kind of relationship you’re looking for. In addition, registration is free. The process to find matches for you is a bit lengthy, but it allows for the site to receive detailed information about you so that it can find excellent matches in Edmonton that might appeal to you.

There is also a paid subscription available for those who are serious about finding love.

#2 elitesingles.ca

When it comes to Edmonton dating sites, no list is complete without EliteSingles. In particular, this website is geared towards those who consider themselves to be sophisticated and have some form of a university degree. Primarily, those who use this website are professionals who are seeking a lasting relationship despite their busy lives. The registration process sits you through a questionnaire that analyzes 29 different character traits.

This extensive examination only serves to your benefit, however, as it can help you find a fellow professional who is as like-minded as you are. One of the downsides of this site, however, is that does gear towards those who have the money to spend on a dating site. The free registration offers very few features and functionality. However, there are a few different payment plans available. The 3-month subscription costs $89.85/month, the 6-month subscription offers a bonus 40% and rests at $69.95/month, and for those who want an annual subscription, the cost runs at $49.95/month. The annual option is clearly the cheapest route.

EliteSingles is an excellent choice for those in Edmonton who are professionals and looking for someone who understands their circumstances and desires a lasting relationship.

#3 firstmet.com

FirstMet.com makes third on the list because of its huge user base. It has around 30 million people registered with three million of those on Facebook as well. This website was originally known as AYI.com but has since transformed itself into a dating site that is more accessible for its users. In fact, the dating site has an app for iPhone, androids, and has a page on Facebook. By connecting with these social media platforms, the members of the dating site can easily connect with each other and stay up to date on any matches that might have occurred.

Registration is quite simple. You can either sign up through Facebook or with your email. From there, you just need to select three of your main interests. This can connect you with a few people who also share your interests in Edmonton. The free service allows you to send out a few messages a day as well as search the site. For those who want to make sure they make that connection, however, a paid subscription unlocks quite a few additional features. These features include unlimited messaging and being able to search outside of their country as well as see those who have looked at their profile.

#4 Match.ca

The top-most rated dating site in Edmonton is Match.ca. This website has a huge user base estimating in the millions. That means you’re far likelier to find the perfect match for you. Match.ca uses a powerful and well-guarded algorithm that takes the things you’re looking for the most in a person and locates matches based on your interests. The user base tends to belong to those from 18 to 65. That means there is someone for everyone no matter how old you are.

More importantly, this website is geared towards those who are looking for a lasting relationship rather than just a one-night stand. Too often, potential daters seeking that connection are left feeling used by someone who was just looking for a single night’s worth of fun. Not on Match.ca. The likelihood of finding someone who is also interested in a lasting relationship is also high.

Registration is extremely easy. You can either log in with your Facebook, in which your information is not shared, or you can just offer up your email and create a password. That’s all it takes. From there, you can easily search for those who live in the Edmonton area and contact them for a possible date.

#5 lavalife.com

Another established dating website that has seen its share of history, and thus trust, among dating individuals is LavaLife. This website caters to those in Canada and in the United States. As such, it has become a valued staple for many singles. In Edmonton, especially, many can find their potential matches among the 1.7 million registered users. LavaLife continues to innovate itself, so it can remain functional as technology changes. You can easily download a mobile app of LavaLife which allows you to connect with others no matter where you are.

One of the coolest features of LavaLife is that it allows you to make three different profiles within your account. As such, it helps people no matter what kind of relationship you’re looking for. So, for those seeking friends, you can inform those on the site that you’re just looking for a good relationship. However, you can also let people know if you’re looking for a lasting relationship or just someone to have fun with on occasion.

The unfortunate bit about LavaLife is that it requires you to upload a picture upon registration. You cannot search the site without first uploading that photo. For those who just want to quickly take a look at what the site has to offer, this can be inconvenient.

#6 ca.seniornext.com

If you’re over the age of 50 in Edmonton, you may feel as though you’re left out in the scheme of dating websites. That is not the case. Senior Next Canada is a site devoted primarily to seniors who are looking for love. While there are certainly others of varying ages on the site, too, the user base is primarily those of 50 years and older.

Navigating the site is quite easy. After you have registered, which is free, you can upload a photo or just take a look around to see who’s in Edmonton. The free account allows you to search and flirt with other members. However, there is a paid subscription as well as that comes with its own features. These features include being able to live chat, view those who have examined your profile, and filter during a search.

The site is quite functional and easy to use, so if you’re a senior who wants to find love in Edmonton, then Senior Next Canada could be the option for you.

#7 zoosk.com

Another veteran of Edmonton dating sites is Zoosk. This website has been functional for at least a decade and has seen incredible innovation since then. With the ease and familiarity of social media and social apps, Zoosk has transformed itself into a site that promotes a social media-type functionality. This has made it quite popular among those of the millennial generation, but there are members of all ages on the website. In fact, it has 38 million members all over the world, so those in Edmonton are sure to find the match for them.

The site uses an interesting algorithm known as Behavior Matchmaking that keeps track of the profiles that you examine. By taking those features from those profiles, it then forms a pattern and suggests profiles in the future that match those interests that you seem to be interested in. With this tailored form of matchmaking, you are far more likely to come across someone who can appeal to you and match some of the values that you share.

There is also a unique Carousel option that involves a rapid-fire session where you quickly go through profiles and consider them a, “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” This can make the matchmaking process fun and easy.

#8 ourtime.com

Another website that seniors in Edmonton might want to consider is OurTime. This website is specifically geared towards those who are 50 years or older. You shouldn’t find anyone younger than that, so if you’re a senior looking for someone around your age, then this site can find those profiles for you. Registration is quite easy and the site as a whole is extremely easy to use. For those who are concerned that navigating a dating website might be difficult, OurTime has ensured that their website is streamlined, so you can use it with ease.

The site also offers numerous ways to communicate with profiles that you are interested in. You can message them through email, chat, text, and even phone calls. To express your interest, you can even send them digital gifts or flirt with them. There are many ways to make connections with those you interested in knowing better.

One of the disadvantages of OurTime is that your own profile remains invisible to the rest of the site until you upload a photo. So, if you want to garner interest, then you’ll need to find that photo you don’t mind sharing with the rest of the profiles.

#9 chemistry.com

As its name might suggest, Chemistry.com is a website that is devoted to breaking down a person’s personality and finding them matches based on those who compliment that personality. As such, you’ll take an in-depth personality test that will determine what category you fall under–an Explorer, Negotiator, Builder, or Director. With this category in hand, the website can then find others who match that personality type well.

This does a lot of the hard work for you and can find you a more suitable match based on personality rather than just appearance. In addition, you can also view those living in Edmonton and see their personality results to see if you two match and where you might match in certain parts of your personality. Registration is free, but you will need to pay a subscription in order to unlock all of the features of the site.

For example, to access their message system, games, and to look at profile views, you’ll need to have a subscription. There are one, three, and six month plans available at varying prices.

#10 meetcanadians.ca

The last dating site you might want to consider for those living in Edmonton is MeetCanadians.ca. As its name might suggest, it’s geared towards Canadians. It has a large user base across all of Canada, and the site is geared towards those looking for a lasting relationship and just a fling. Signing up is easy and free and you can search immediately afterward. However, to unlock additional features of the site, you’ll need to pay a subscription. The paid subscription allows you to message and even video message potential matches. Searching is easy to find lasting love.