Statistics say that about 91 million people around the world, from all walks of life, age groups and professions, are currently using dating services. The most common means are online dating websites, matchmakers or dating events organizers.
Canada is a leading country when it comes to online dating sites usage: 42% of all Canadians have looked into or joined an internet dating service.
Finding the right person among this high number of users may seem daunting at first, and with all of its rules and quirks, dating can appear a tiresome, weary activity.
However, online dating has an advantage over real-life dating, namely the fact that any of us can try it out from the comfort of our home, without having to go out on hopeless blind dates only to end up disappointed.
Actually, there are loads of great things about online dating that you probably didn’t consider until now. Firstly, there is no pressure, you can choose to get to know someone at your own pace. Secondly, you can learn a lot of things about a person before meeting face to face. Moreover, you can reject someone and be rejected without having your feelings hurt.
And with the plethora of dating websites and matching services available nowadays in Canada, there is something for everyone for sure. So whether you are looking for friendship, a hook up, a long-term relationship or even a partner for marriage, you are surely bound to find something to suit your needs.
Search-based dating sites, for instance, are for those who like to be in control and pick their own matches. Matchmaker agencies can be suitable for those who are more likely to trust someone else with finding the right person for them, based on personality and other matching algorithms, while dating events are for those who prefer one-on-one interactions.
In order to make it easier for singles in Edmonton to find a suitable dating service, we have examined a series of dating websites, matchmakers, and dating events agencies and reviewed them one by one so you can make an idea about what they have to offer.