• 5 Tips for a Perfect First Date

    May 19, 2014 amr1001 0 comments

    It is said that you have to kiss many frogs until meeting your prince or queen. This is valid even for online dating. After months of talking to new people you have finally managed to find the one thatbrings joy and calmness to your life. It is hard to discoverthe Canadian love, but not impossible. After many hours spent in front of the computer, chatting about all sorts of topics, it is time for you two to meet. Everybody knows that nothing can be more stressing than a first date.

    Talking on the chat room is easy. There are no barriers or limits. It is just you and the chosen one. There is no trouble finding a topic and when the situation gets awkward, a funny emoticon can brighten the day. It is hard to understand how this romantic environment changes completely in real life. This is why it is important to be prepared before meeting face to face your Canadian love. There are so many questions asked, like “is he/she as sweet as in the photos?”, “will he/she see me attractive?”, “what should I do when we first see each other?”

    Meeting your Canadian love in person should not be that stressful. Furthermore, it is important to be relaxed and smile in order to enjoy a delightful experience. Remember that you already know him/her so there is no need to panic. To make the preparation easier, you can follow the tips bellow:

    1. Be yourself
    Remember that you meet the same person you have been talking for a while. Each of you has already made an opinion about the other, so there is no need to pretend being somebody else. It is true that the first impression is the one that lasts, so act accordingly.

    2. Dressing
    Dress to impress, but keep it natural. A good piece of advice for women is to wear a dress or a skirt, while men should wear jeans and shirt. Avoid clothes that will make you look like going to the club (for women) or football field (for men). Be careful to choose something that really makes you feel good in order to avoid being uncomfortable.

    3. Make a plan
    If you have not discussed it with your date, it is highly important to make a plan on your own. Think about the things you have in common and include them in an itinerary.The initiative will be highly appreciated.

    4. Time
    Remember that the first date must not be too long, as each of you must draw the conclusion separately. Choose something fun that can get you close. If everything works out well there will be more opportunities to spend time together.

    5. Talk and listen
    There should be an equal time of talking and listening for both partners. If one of you gets shy lighten up the conversation with funny situations that you enjoyed together while dating online.

    The success of a perfect first date stands behind the bond between the partners. Remember what brought you together and use itwhenever it is needed.