• #1 Itsamatch.ca

    It’s a Match is Ottawa’s top rated matchmaking services. The firm aims to help single professionals find their soul mate. The success of the company is due to the dynamic Marie-Claude Faubert. The great results are based on a combination of consultations, targeted searches and introductions.

    In order to help people find love, each matchmaker follows certain well established steps. An-depth interview is scheduled in order to understand the client and his/her needs. Based on the gathered information your profile is combined with people from their database, referrals and network.

    Each date is followed by a feedback session in order to see how things went. The best thing about matchmaking services is the fact that you do not need to worry about anything, just enjoy meeting new people. Other features included are blogs with relationship and dating advices and tips from experts.

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  • #2 Lifematescanada.ca

    Lifemates is Ottawa’s second rated matchmaking services. Here you can find that perfect somebody to share your life with. The social introduction program is carefully analyzed and focused on interviewing each applicant.

    The matchmaker’s role is to meet in person with the client. The main points of discussion are: background, core values, goals and visions for the future. Based on the gathered information your profile is analyzed and matched with people that share your desires.

    All you need to do is prepare for a date and meet the proposed man or woman. The entire process is over only when a couple is formed.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #3 Matchmecanada.ca

    Match Me is Ottawa’s third-ranked matchmaking services. Here you can find specialized help for singles that are ready to meet their soul mate. In order to become part of this great community it is important to complete a questionnaire. You do not need to worry as all the information provided is confidential.

    The first step in finding true love is meeting the matchmaker. This will lead to creating your profile with valuable information. The discussion is focused on the match’s personality, interests, relationship with the family and professional success.

    It is sent personalized information regarding the match in order to decide whether you want to accept the date or not. Once the meeting is confirmed, the matchmaker exchanges contact numbers. In all cases, the man is encouraged to call the woman.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #4 Mistyriverintros.com

    Misty River Introduction is one of Ottawa’s high ranked matchmaking services. The great success is due to Linda, who has been in the industry for 17 years. She uses traditional methods and is focused on the needs of single people.

    In order to help clients feel free to discuss, each counselor makes a home visit. Privacy is highly valued as no personal information, like home address or place of employment, are revealed. All that is shared is the first name and phone number in order to help people make contact.

    The dates are suggested based on personality, interests and physical characteristics. This means that the rate of success is very high. All you need to do is relax and enjoy meeting new people.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #5 Blawrence.com/your-matchmaker

    Lawrence and Associates is a privately owned company located in Ottawa. The matchmaking services offered are one-on-one and focused on personal service. Their main goal is to help you save time and develop a long-lasting relationship.

    Finding true love can be overwhelming. For this reason, the trained matchmakers can ease the process through traditional methods. The best way to know somebody is by meeting. In order to make sure that the right pick is made it is important to develop the profile of the client.

    This means that you will receive handpicked options that match your desires and expectations. Starting a relationship with somebody depends exclusively on how the date evolves.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #6 Matched4me.com

    Matched4Me is a successful matchmaking company. Its purpose is to help singles find their soul mate. In order to become part of this great community it is necessary to call. Another option is to complete a confidential online form. It is the easiest way to enjoy the company of the right people from Ottawa.

    The matchmakers will arrange a confidential meeting in order to get to know you better. It is also the opportunity to express the expectations regarding a potential match. The hunt represents the search for the perfect match based on location, lifestyle criteria, personality, interests, philosophy, and values.

    Here you also have access to lifestyle coaching and styling. It is the best way to refine the first impression with the proposed match.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #7 Matchmepeterborough.com

    Match Me is a compassionate business focused on helping singles find their soul mate. It is located in Ottawa, providing access to people that you can actually start a whole new life. All you need to do is prepare for dates and think about themes to discuss.

    This company aims to match singles based on three criteria. Compatibilities, personalities and physical appearance must be perfect. Once a set of matches is found you will receive a detailed email. Each pick is thoroughly explained.

    It is exclusively your decision to meet the proposed people. The work of Match Me ends only when they have managed to help you find true love.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #8 Junia.ca

    Junia is a matchmaking service located in Ottawa. Its roots are in the exclusive similar services started in 1985. In order to make sure that you make the right choice you can read successful stories that can be found in various testimonials.

    The matchmakers can help you find the social and relationship goals that lead to a successful relationship. The best thing to do this is by discussing the characteristics of the ideal date. In order to avoid being hold back by superficial element, like photos, it is advisable to reconsider the preferences.

    The blog can also help you with dating and relationship advices. It depends on you when and how to meet a possible match.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #9 Itsjustlunch.com

    It’s Just Lunch is one of Ottawa’s good ranked matchmaking company. It has more than 22 years experience in the domain. They have a vast portfolio that includes tens of thousands singles and over two million first dates. It represents a great way to find your soul mate close to home.

    The first step in finding true love is to participate at a confidential interview. The information provided will help the matchmakers find the compatible man or women. You will be contacted by phone to learn more about the chosen person.

    All the dates take place in a restaurant. If all goes well you can exchange business cards and phone numbers to stay in touch.

    Personalized service ( Yes)

  • #10 Krystalwaltermatchmaking.com

    Krystal Walter Matchmaking is a well rated Ottawa matchmaking service. Its main purpose is to help you find the right person. When everything happens in a hurry it is advisable to ask for professional help in order to make sure not to miss true love.

    The first step in finding the soul mate is arranging a personal consultation. It represents the best way to understand the expectations of each client. The search is based on five different aspects: lifestyle, values, goals, physical requirements and personality.

    Once you have received a dating option it is mandatory to prepare. This means that not only the physical aspect is important but also the discussions. Fortunately, the matchmaking website includes tips to follow in order to avoid moments of complete silent.

    Personalized service ( Yes)