#1 www.fastlife.ca Fastlife.ca

Single in The City Toronto

Fast Life is Canada’s best rated event service. With over 12 years’ experience, it manages to bring singles together. Based on advanced software, you will receive a list of events to participate. The aspects that are taken into consideration when creating a group are age and preference.

These great events can also be propitious for speed dating. You get to meet people that share interest on a certain subject, have the same lifestyle or background. Moreover, it represents a great opportunity to make friends in a safe and fun environment.

Fast Life provides an impressive number of events each month. There is the possibility to choose from 70 meeting places, hosted in 9 cities across Canada. Here you will find a chic and stylish environment, perfect for encountering long lasting love. The site is free to join

#2 www.meetup.com Meetup.com

Meetup is Canada’s second rated event service. The community includes about 16 million members, and over 140.000 meet groups. There are over 300.000 events organized each month, so there are very high chances to find the right person for you.

Creating an account is absolutelyfree. All that is required is to complete a form, including your interests. Meetup believes in the power of groups. For this reason, it provides the opportunity to attend already created events or to start one from scratch.

There are many types of meetups to choose from. According to the preferences and hobbies, you can attend fitness, volunteer, dancing, intellectual discussions, dining out, arts, culture and many more. There is no pressure, only a great opportunity to meet men and women just like you, eager to find love and make new friends.

#3 www.pre-dating.com Pre-dating.com

Pre-dating is Canada’s third rated event service. It represents the best opportunity for single professionals to meet and find true love. To make sure that all men and women get to carry a face to face conversation, it also includes a fast dating session.

Pre-dating provides great events in 10 cities from Canada. The bars and restaurants are of high class in order to ensure a stylish and safe environment for people to chat. It also represents a great opportunity to see new faces and make best friends.

The purpose of the meetings is to help people get out of the house and socialize. There are many events to choose from, so they can fit even the busiest schedule. Most important, everything happens in a friendly environment, so there is no pressure, just fun.