#1 eventbrite.com


This is our top choice because there are lots of events listed. It’s true that the website is not dedicated to singles events only, but some see this is as an advantage because there is a wider range of events to choose from.

You start by picking your location, but chances are it will be set in advance probably based on your IP address. Then you do a quick search for a keyword like “speed dating” and you will see a listing of all upcoming speed dating events in Calgary.

Prices vary between CA$20 and CA$50 depending on what’s included and where it takes place. You will find events for all ages so that both young and older people can have fun while looking for the person who might be the one.

Still, keep in mind that these events are mostly for those looking for casual dates, not serious relationships, unless you are in your 50s and you decided to finally settle down after a lifetime of casual dating.

#2 meetup.com/topics/singles/ca/ab/calgary/


Meetup is an international website that happens to cover Calgary as well. The range of events is very wide, starting with traditional speed dating to single parents and Christian events for people looking for a casual date or a fun group of friends.

There’s actually a meetup for Calgary single professional women over 40. That’s how specific the meetings can be. Even seniors can have fun here, to either find a partner or simply to socialize with members of the opposite sex or not, depending on preferences.

There are events for single moms, single fathers with small children and even for the so called baby boomers. Basically anything you can think of, you will find it there.

There is an app you can download to stay current with all the upcoming events in your area at any time. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for Windows phone, only for iOS and Android.

#3 www.sixminutedates.com


We raked this website third because it is dedicated to speed dating events that are not very cheap (an average price is $55). They are divided by the age of participants so that everyone has the chance to meet people of their own age.

While a six-minute timeframe is not enough to get to know somebody, it definitely allows you to decide whether you want to ever see that person again on a proper date.

The website has a section dedicated to success stories, so you see it’s possible to find the right person at a speed dating event. They also have a blog with dating advice and they offer dating coaching services for $95 per hour.

One disadvantage is the number of available events. They are probably organized by the ones who own the website and you won’t find more than 2-3 events per month. You can check out their calendar for upcoming events.

#4 www.itsdatenight.com


This website is not focused on dating events alone but they definitely have plenty. There is a list of places to go, restaurants and a few out of the box ideas you could implement on your next romantic encounter.

If you like TV shows like Friends and Seinfeld, don’t miss their trivia nights. This is a good place to go on a date with someone who shares your interests.

It’sDateNight is not only useful for those trying to find a partner but also for those who already are in a long term relationship and feel the spark is fading away. There are plenty of tips about how to spice things up.

Reading their blog section will help you to better understand several aspects of dating to improve your game: how to dress with style, what food to order, how to choose a restaurant etc.

There also is a section where people can ask questions about their personal life for others to give suggestions.

#5 http://singlesmixandmingles.com/


Here, you will find a list of upcoming dating events in Calgary but also meetups for singles. They are categorized on age groups so that everyone finds what they’re looking for.

The website is not dedicated to dating. It also aims to help you find like-minded people for long lasting friendships and of course to have tons of fun. The selection of events is quite scarce however, probably because it’s focused on Calgary alone.

An interesting feature is their Singles Vacation section where you find trips organized by the website owners especially for singles who love to travel but don’t have someone to share this joy. This is an opportunity to actually find an open minded partner with similar interests.

They have a singles travel specialist who’s in touch with local agencies to give you an advantageous price and an unforgettable experience. All in all, this is not your average singles events website.

#6 http://www.rclub.ca/calgary


This company specializes in North American singles events and luckily, Calgary is included on their list. They have an interesting way to attract subscribers. If you sign up for their newsletters and you are lucky enough to be one of every 500th submissions, you will attend a free event.

It’s recommended to subscribe because you may get promotions that regular visitors miss out. Moreover, you will stay current with all the upcoming events.

The business was founded in 2010 and they have ever since been helping people meet their future spouses or at least a prospective candidate for long term relationships. You can read the online testimonials if you are curious about a few success stories.

One big disadvantage is that you won’t find many singles events in Calgary. If you are looking for a wide list of choices, you are better off with bigger websites that feature events for all social groups: young adults, older people, ethnics, religious people etc.