We know how hard it can be for someone to find a partner to cherish or at least a person willing to get involved in a one-night stand. We also know that many of you had bad experiences with online dating sites and you are sick of the trial and error method.
Our purpose is to do the hard work for you. We examined dozens of dating websites and we made a list with the ones that are most suitable for people living in Calgary. None of them are perfect, but each will give you a decent experience.
The main criteria for making these dating sites lists revolved around the size of the dating pool, the number of fake profiles, the quality of customer support, and ultimately the membership fees.
When it came to matchmakers however, we placed more emphasis on the quality of their services, their success stories, and the experience of the matchmaker.
Money came second for 2 reasons. First, you have to understand that matchmaking is not cheap and it costs thousands of dollars most of the time. Secondly, matchmakers tend to not disclose costs on their website in order to make you come or at least call for a consultation.
As for dating events, many sites that list events for people living in Calgary alone don’t offer lots of options, probably because the offer is limited. Nonetheless, we tried to find the websites that displayed a fair value for money ratio and a decent number of events.